Open Source/Freeware -Native Java Object Oriented Database -OODB -OODBMS


JDOInstruments is an embedded object oriented database programmed in java, it is also an implementation of Sun's Java Data Objects (JDO) specification for the transparent persistence of Java objects.

Because of this, it doesn't need a JDBC driver or a relational database. It uses its own object store thus it allows storage and retrieval of persistent data with little work from you.

It is integrated with Netbeans IDE (via Plugin module) allowing developers to build pure object-oriented systems

It is free and Our license is GNU LGPL providing the code and executables (JARs) free of charge. You are free to use JDOInstruments in your projects.

It is not a Mapping tool for relational databases.

It doesn't use Serialization.


JDOInstruments version 3.0






New NetBeans plugin that's included in the distribution files.

Online User's Guide

How does JDOInstruments work

Why JDO?