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  • Is JDOInstruments JDO 1.01 Compliant?

Yes. JDOInstruments has passed all relevant tests from the JDO 1.01 Test Compatibility Kit(TCK).

  • How many object can be stored?

JDOInstruments engine has been tested with several millons of objects.

  • Is it fast?

JDOInstruments is not only a JDO Implementation but also an object oriented database.

As an object oriented database, navigating through reference fields is very fast.

  • Is it free?

Yes. JDOInstruments is free .Our license is GNU LGPL providing the code and executables (JARs) free of charge. You are free to use JDOInstruments in your projects.

  • Is it Open source?

Yes JDOInstruments is an Open Source development. It is written by volunteers in their spare time.

  • Is there a roadmap for the future of JDOInstruments ?

JDOInstruments version 3.0.0 implements the JDO 1.0.1 specification.

Our plans are to provide new features , administration tools and performance impovements over the next year.

  • Can I use JDOInstruments within a J2EE environment ?

Yes. you should provide a JNDI string to look for the TransactionManager For example "java:/TransactionManager".This allows JDOInstruments to be utilised with a J2EE server (such as JBoss or WebLogic).

  • Can I store long text strings ?

Yes, length of Strings are unlimited as they are stored as an ordered collection of Char.